WP6: Quality Control and Monitoring

To quality control and monitor the implementation of the project several activities are envisioned. First, the project General Management Committee (GMC) including an EU partner will conduct site-visits to the target universities biannually to monitor implementation of the work-packages and day to day operations and communications logic. The visits will feed into reports on the major findings, recommendations for improvement and respective follow-up plans developed by the universities. Next, on annual basis, EU partners will visit Armenian partner institutions to review the work-package implementation and achievements and provide recommendations for further improvement.  Follow-up recommendations will ensure maintenance and enhancement of the project, thus promoting its sustainability after the project lifetime. Moreover, through a constant feedback from businesses on their cooperation with academics as well as feedback of the stakeholders at large facilitated through the project web site the flaws overseen during the implementation will be revealed and tackled. Since the project budget exceeds the set threshold of 750.000, an external financial audit will be invited to ensure and certify the effective inputs and outputs of the project.  Last, but not least, by assigning a lead role for each WP, the project will ensure input of the lead partners in the form of monitoring report on each WP implementation, which will feed into annual reports and the intermediate and final reports to EACEA.