WP4: Operationalization of NQF

Design of a methodology and procedure for sectorial qualifications framework (SQF) development drawing on the Armenian National Qualifications Framework (ANQF) and the CEDEFOP (2010) methodology and the good practice in EU countries will take place. Such sectors as economics, engineering and pedagogy will be targeted for pilots, since those are the professions that are most demanding in Armenia and are in urgent need of revision. An NQF operationalization Committee, including EU and Armenian experts in respective fields, students, alumni and employers will be established to follow the following stages of development: (a) conceptualization and design: during this stage the Committee will define a general concept and main policy objectives of the future SQFs for BA and MA in engineering, economics and pedagogics; (b) consultation and testing: SQF proposals will be presented to and discussed within a broader group of stakeholders and an external peer-review of the SQFs will be undertaken by EU partners to ensure comparability with the European standards; (c) official adoption: to ensure sustainability of the developments the SQFs will be adopted by the MoES through a decree of the Minister; (d) practical implementation; this stage will move the framework towards full scale applied practice and the universities will integrate the new structures and methods. The Synopsys will act as an employer representative for the engineering sector, ABA bank for the economics sector and the ANQA, MoES and universities for the pedagogics. The Ministry of Economics will provide guidelines on the market needs as well.  ANQA will take care of the self-certification of the SQFs, and the Guidelines will be translated into Armenian for broader use.