WP8: Management of the Project

Considering this is the first ever endeavor of an Armenian university to act as a grant-holder in Tempus projects accurate, effective and efficient management will be on the forefront of all the undertakings. First, a kick-off meeting at the grant-holder university will be delivered to set a stage for project implementation. Next, a General Management Committee with representation of all consortium members will be set up to manage strategic developments and decision-making at project level. To handle operational issues, an executive secretariat (ES) of four with inclusion of an EU partner representative will be set up at ASUE. To ensure efficient and effective functioning of the ES at grant-holder university it will have an inter-project coaching with Tempus (UNIMIG, Georgia), that has experience in having a national grant-holder university to share experience and bring in good practice. The ES will mange day-to-day operations of the project, monitor the project implementation at university at partner institution’s level, manage the budget and book-keep all financial documentation, conduct procurement, keep records of all the activities, communicate with the consortium partners regarding short- and long-term plans, organize coordination meetings and plan other activities. To ensure involvement of other partners in the management of the project, Local Management Committees (LMCs) will be established and will be constantly in touch with the ASUE secretariat.  The LMCs will provide for the permanent monitoring of the project activities at university level, making sure the activities are conducted in a due manner with appropriate time lines as well as analyzing the developments to increase the potentials for success while decreasing the risks leading to failure. The coordination meetings at the launch of each work-package (two in Armenia, two in EU) will provide for transparency and feedback of the consortium members.