WP2: Establishment of NULMN

Underpinning an active dialogue between the stakeholders to solve the issues of fragmentation that hinders development of Armenian higher education is crucial. By joining the UMCUs and bringing together business representatives, student and professional associations, the RA Government bodies and ANQA a National University Labor Market Network (NULMN) will be established. The NULMN will facilitate the activities of the UMCUs, promote interplay between different stakeholders thus contributing to the improvement of professional education provisions and relevance to the market demand. The students will be well equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge about labor market demands concerning employment and be capable of meeting the demands. 

The issue of the NULMN infrastructure - Board of Trustees and secretariat - will be addressed. Next, documents operationalizing NULMN will be developed: charter, terms of reference and strategic plan. The developments will be done by the Secretariat and circulated among the stakeholders. 

The NULMN will be legalized and have its revenue from membership fees, RA Government allocations, donations of the the UBA, Synopsys and other enterprises. To make the students pro-active participants of the Network activities it is essential to establish a tradition of passing the experience over to the new generation of students. Thus, an induction package for the newcomers will be developed for which a committee involving mainly students, one university and one employer representative will be set up. The Committee will have a study tour to the EU universities to get the first-hand exposure to the practices of student involvement in activities promoting university-market cooperation. 

The establishment of the Network will culminate in the official opening ceremony during its first annual conference in Yerevan and will be disseminated through a press-conference.