WP5: Dissemination

To make the benefits of the project available for a broader range of stakeholders a robust dissemination strategy involving electronic means, publications, workshops and conferences, will be followed. First, a project web-site promoting transparency and publicity will be established. An e-platform will be designed to promote an active dialogue between the consortium members and stakeholders at large. Next, update information about the project will be on the websites of the consortium partners and the Armenian National Tempus agency. Regular electronic newsletters via list-serves, RSS and reports will be made publicly available. 

The database bringing in the richness of the stakeholder inputs and disseminating the outputs will be located on the project web-site and the link will be available on the partner institutions and the newly established Centers’ and Network’s websites. 

2 Network annual conferences bringing in about 300 participants each time will take place in Armenia during months 15 and 26. Representatives from all the universities in Armenia, EU partners, Employers’ Union, student associations, business representatives, ANQA, the newly established Units, alumni, graduates and other stakeholders outside the consortium both from Yerevan and regions will be invited. The trainings of the stakeholders will feed into in-house workshops for a wider multiplier effect and the developed training kit will feed into professional development modules at each university for a stronger multiplier effect and sustainability. 

Yet another dissemination channel is publications and e-publications, which include NQF Operationalization Guidelines, the database management manual and relevant tools, the training kit, student induction package, annual reports, 2 brochures on project achievements and newsletters. To provide for a wider outreach, news releases in local media and three press conferences  will be organized.