WP3: Development of a Database and Relevant Tools

Development of a database and relevant tools, which will enable input of various stakeholders in the university-market cooperation will be undertaken. A general committee including both EU and Armenian experts and a local committee at each university responsible for the development of the tools and the database for strengthening ties between universities and the market will be established. Next, the local committees, under the guidance of the general committee, will develop 

• questionnaires addressed to the graduates, alumni, employers, students

• questionnaires collecting statistical data on graduates, alumni, employers, students

• focus group templates for academic staff to explore the academic capacities crucial for a given qualification. 

Specifications for the database will be designed and developed. After developing the tools and the database, the latter will be piloted and the resulting data will be analyzed for further refinement. The database will be operationalized at NULMN level through its secretariat and at a local level through the UMCUs. As a culmination, the database will be piloted to check its functionality and will be refined and put into on-going practice. A Manual on database management in Armenian and in English will be devised to ensure consistency in its exploitation.