WP1: Capacity Building

Capacity building at the launch of the project will ensure active involvement of the partners and legitimacy of developments. A committee including both EU and Armenian experts will be established to develop a training kit for capacity building of the university-market cooperation units’ (UMCU) staff. The training modules will evolve around management principles, approaches, tools and mechanisms for operationalization of such units. A four-day training for the UMCU staff will take place in Italy at CESIE.  3 trainees per university will be selected as potential UMCU staff. The training will have pre and post evaluations and based on the feedback the training kit will be redeveloped to better fit the needs of the target audience. 

To provide for a multiplier effect the trained staff will conduct in-house trainings for about 20 administrative, academic staff and students. Next, the target universities will engage in establishment of UMCUs: purchase necessary equipment; develop the regulations; job responsibilities and operational plan for UMCUs. For effective functioning of the database and relevant tools, UMCUs will be fully equipped with videoconferencing and other devices to provide cooperative work on long-time basis and to facilitate effective and efficient links between the stakeholders. The UMCUs will be responsible for bringing in academic staff and employers, the alumni and the students to join the efforts in continual updating and development of learning outcomes necessary to boost the economic development of the country.  The universities that lack student career centers and alumni associations will include the missions of the latter into the unit’s mission.