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About The Project

TEMPUS IV – 5th Call



№ 530321-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-AM-TEMPUS-SMHES

The project on Armenian Coordination Agency “University - Employer” will address the national priority for Armenia within the Development of Partnerships with Enterprises, Structural Measures, under the Higher Education and Society.

ARARAT (ARMENIAN COORDINATION AGENCY “UNIVERSITY - EMPLOYER”) is a three-year national project, under the priority of Higher Education and Society, EACEA N° 25/2011, 5th call and Structural Measures action.

The wider objective of the project is to ameliorate the relevance of higher education to ever-changing labor market needs through establishment and operationalization of universities-employers cooperation nexus in Armenia.

One of the issues still impeding the development of the RA higher education is the blurred links between the labour market and professional education. In particular, achievement of the national goals on the RA Government agenda is still impeded by the lack of necessary data to support decision-making on institutional planning and national employment policy. This brings about insufficient involvement of social partners in education issues, inefficient investment in human resources (graduates), lack of information on the professional evolution at different moments in time after graduation correlated with a series of social-biographic and educational descriptors (necessary feedback for HE system improvement). Having failed to put forth the requisite competencies, the local market manifests its lack of capacity to act as an active stakeholder of the education process.